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I started cross stitching many years ago. I don't even remember exactly when, but it was likely when I was a teenager. I put cross stitching aside in favor of paper crafting and later quilting for many years. I finally picked it back up before my daughter was born to cross stitch her a Christmas stocking.  

Once that was done I jumped into many other patterns and developed my style of stitching. I've developed my stitching method from working in a hoop using the poke and hope method. Then progressed to stitching in hand, and now to stitching in hand using the sewing method.  

Because I have a small child, work full time, and my family likes to go camping I stitch in small snippets of time. I used a design board for a while to hold my loose threads but my scissors would always get tangled in my threads on the design board or the threads would fall off in my bag as it was moved around. So I made a very simple little book like a needle book to hold my threads. That worked, but I was still having to hunt for my scissors.  

The lightbulb went off! What if I had something larger that would hold my scissors and my loose threads. Then I thought to add a second pocket inside the vinyl pouch so I can hold my thread skeins and my scissors separately.  

I worked through 6 different prototypes to get to my Cross Stitch Clutch design. Sometimes adding things like the second pocket and the felt to hold a needle, but more often just changing cut sizes or methods of construction to come up with something that would be as simple as possible to make.   

Finally I ended up with a cross stitching tool that I love and absolutely could not stitch without! It makes it so easy to take my stitching with me and keep everything neat and tidy. I just new that others would like this little organization tool and just had to share it with the world! Starlight Stitching Co was born!   

Where did the name come from? As I mentioned before my family and I really do enjoy camping and spend most weekends during the summer camping by the lake. One of my favorite things to do on camping trips is to walk out into the open area at night and simply stare up at the stars. When you're so far away from the lights of a city you can see so many stars! It's magical. On one such excursion I decided that Starlight just had to be in my business name. Which fits perfectly since most of my sewing takes place while my daughter sleeps at night or before anyone else in the house is awake.   

Each product that I sell in my shop is handmade by me in my basement craft room. That is where I do all the work and where I film all the tutorial videos that come along with my patterns.   

Thank you for visiting my shop! You're support truly helps me provide for my family and I am forever grateful.



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I am happy to help in any way I can. 

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